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About One Wonders

One Wonders is committed to collecting together the best in second hand books, music and video. Classic literature, poetry, cinema. CDs and DVDs. A large selection of books for kids, both fiction and non-fiction.

FOR THE ADULT, who in this age of information overload finds sorting wheat from chaff a daunting challenge, One Wonders has 100s of the best volumes in the fields with which one needs be familiar to make sense of the 21st century — history, religion (both mainstream and fringe), science, philosophy and psychology, the visual arts and social sciences.

FOR THE CURIOUS who wish to explore beyond their comfort zone, resources which will help all of us escape our time and place in the cosmos — windows into all cultures and periods. And both introductory and in-depth studies for those concerned to increase their understanding of controversial areas which touch all our lives: race, gender and sexuality, economy and war, media and propaganda.

FOR PARENTS who want to instill a love of learning in their offspring, One Wonders is a great place to start the home library every child deserves — and needs.

HOME EDUCATION is our special burden, inasmuch as the One Wonders collection was begun by young (and not so young) parents from diverse backgrounds: some with experience in urban and youth ministry, youth justice & prison visitation, professional counselling, church planting, cult outreach, and the second hand book business. What drew these folks together was a conviction that parents themselves should be the primary educators of their own children. And that families should not only take responsibility for their own children’s educational needs, but help their neighbours attain that ability. Hence the need of a resource centre, where the necessary tools are made available, and within the budget of all. We are committed to making One Wonders both a font of blessing and a burning lamp in the life of our community.

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